The Nation Wide Prayer Network is a call to action from our  experiences of God’s move on Pentecost Day 2014.

The purpose of this ministry is to continue to unify Christian Prayer Warriors throughout the City so they then can be mobilized to carry out the mission of Jesus Christ such as feeding the hungry, clothing the poor and saving the lost. 


The unification of believers will include all Christian entities such as Churches, Organizations, Schools, Radio Stations, News Papers, Magazines, Colleges and Businesses.  To accomplish these goals The Nation Wide Prayer Network will seek to advance the Kingdom of God through the use of technology such as development of computer websites and Apps, use of cell phones, social media and any other technology we can use to Glorify God.

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Nation Wide Prayer Network formally known as City Wide Prayer Network was born out of the “The Day of Pentecost” experience in 2014, which is described below. Pastor Tony Pritchett  Provision of Grace World Mission Church commissioned Dr. Lillie M. Coley, PhD to gather a prayer group prior to the 2014 Pentecost Celebration.  Dr. Coley coordinated prayer leaders from around the City to pray on the telephone. From that experience City Wide Prayer Network was born in June 2014. The Pentecost Celebration which included the City Wide Prayer Network was a total success! God spoke and said, “Keep Praying”. Over the next few years, the City Wide Prayer Network expanded to Social Media to reach more people by “Live Streaming” to multiple social networks all at one time.  As a result of City Wide Prayer Network’s rapid success around the Nation and the World, our name had to change to Nation Wide Prayer Network(NPN).  Thereafter, God moved on the hearts of some community leaders, such as Walter Buckley(Buck), to fund the project.  With continuous prayer and funding the mission went to the next level.  Today, Nation Wide Prayer Network has many strong and dedicated prayer leaders and partners and reaches about 25,000 people a week.  We are thankful for God’s move on the ministry, and our loyal Prayer Leaders/Warriors who are located around the nation.  We look forward to the new adventures coming, and invite everyone to please join us as we pray DAILY Monday to Friday at 7pm ET for Christians to come together.  We are always looking for support and seek to build a 20,000 email Army for God. Please sign up today and be connected even more to your extended family of God.

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The Day of Pentecost- The Holy Spirit and the City Since 2009 consist of Churches, pastors, lay people, local seminaries, and judicatoral leaders from the Philadelphia region who came together in a mass effort to Celebrate the Holy Spirit. These celebrations serve as an intentional and prayerful effort to encourage those of the Christian faith to empower themselves for a deeper and fulfilling relationship with the Holy Spirit. We thank God for our partnership between “Clergy of Philadelphia” and Palmer Theological Seminary. Some History of past celebrations includes:


A partnership between “Clergy of Philadelphia” and Palmer Theological Seminary, hosted at Palmer Theological Seminary (Wynnewood campus) and featured keynote speaker Rev. Dr. James Forbes, former pastor of the Riverside Church of New York and author of “The Holy Spirit and Preaching”, and Bishop C. Milton Grannum, pastor of the New Covenant Church of God, served as the lecturer. Pastor Gus Roman a former pastor of Zion Baptist Church in Philadelphia, PA was also a part of the evolution of this vision.  Each thereafter the vision for Day of Pentecost continues around the City of Philadelphia and the nation.