Nation Wide Prayer Network Garnered over 24,000 Listeners for February 2017 through Their Weekly Uni

Nation Wide Prayer Network, formally known as City Wide Prayer Network, was born out of Pentecost Celebration in Philadelphia in June, 2014.

Thereafter, the Prayer leaders have continued their mission to pray and the Prayer Network has seen tremendous growth over the last 2 years. Individuals participate through weekly conference call style services or through the group’s social media channels. See Site for Details.

There is also a City-Wide-Prayer app available for Apple, Google and Windows devices that provides access to the prayer sessions.

The network began in December 2015 and started to see strong growth in late 2016 reaching 10,000 listeners in December 2016. In January 2017, listeners climbed to over 15,000 with social media, free downloads and recordings fueling the rapid growth. By February 2017, the Network was 24,000 people strong. It was at this time the Network had outgrown its original name, and became the Nation Wide Prayer Network to more accurately reflect their following. As of March 2017, the Nation Wide Prayer Network had grown its reach to a record high of almost 50,000 people. To God be the glory!

Following this record participation, the Network is embarking on a new effort to identify new National Prayer Leaders to help promote the importance and power of prayer across this country. Please consider being a part of this national team by either calling in or logging in to support others praying in the spirit of Unification and/or to become a Prayer Leader on this network. The Nation Wide Prayer Network also welcomes support in other ways, so together the Kingdom of God can be built here on earth.

Why Join Us? To help strengthen your relationship with the Lord. The power of prayer has the capability to change the world we live in one city at a time! Call 515-739-1039 pin 664 110# or call toll free - 844-800-2000 pin 664 110#


  • Conference Call - 10pm Midnight Comfort Hour those struggling w/street life;

  • Periscope at 9:30pm - Prophet Ugo & Nation Wide Prayer - Deliverance/Prayer;


  • Conference Calls 6am, 12noon, 6pm & 10pm - Nation Wide Prayer Leaders;

  • Periscope 9:30pm - Nation Wide Prayer & Prophet Ugo - Prayer/Teaching;


  • Periscope 9:30pm - Prophet Ugo & Nation Wide Prayer - Deliverance/Prayer;


  • Periscope 9:30pm - Prophet Ugo & Nation Wide Prayer - Prayer/Teaching.


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